Classic Lash Mastery Online

Everything you need to know to become a knowledgeable, highly skilled and confident Lash Stylist.

Learn the art of applying eyelash extensions from the comfort of your own home.

So you'd like to become a Lash Stylist? Awesome. Becoming a Lash Stylist is an incredibly rewarding career for those with a passion for making others feel great about themselves and who want the lifestyle flexibility that comes with being your own boss. But the process for getting started can seem a little daunting. What equipment do you need? How long does it take to learn? And once you start, how do you build a business and make sure people know you exist? I'm can help you cut through the confusion to not only learn how to become an expert Lash Stylist, but also how to build a thriving Lash Business, too.


Hi, I'm Joy Crossingham!

As the passionate owner of multiple thriving Lash Extension businesses, I am certainly qualified to assist you in your quest to become a world-class Lash Stylist. I've been in your shoes before and I can help fast track your career (whilst avoiding about million mistakes along the way!)

Like many Lash Stylists, my lashing career began as a solo practitioner working from home with mobile services too. After many years of hard work, I'm proud to be able to say that "me" has become "we" and I now lead a team of over 15 highly skilled "lashies" who share my same passion for the industry.

Having contributed to the industry for over a decade now, I am fortunate to have been given complimentary titles such as highly-sought keynote speaker, award-winning stylist, competition judge, master educator and more.. but my greatest pride comes from assisting others to achieve their full capabilities as professional Lash Stylists.

I'd say my "superpower" is getting amazing results out of others which has led me to facilitate more than 250 training workshops, teaching over 1,200 students and creating countless award-winning and highly successful Lash Stylists along the way.

Now, it's your turn.

Ready to Start Your Lash Career?

Course Overview

Classic Lash Mastery Online has been closely modelled off our super successful 5 Day Beginners Classic Lash Mastery Course which is regarded by many as the most comprehensive in-person beginners eyelash extension course on the market.

Nothing has been left out in the creation of this course and we're confident that those who complete it and stick to the "recipe" as we like to call it, will be on the fast track to becoming a world-class Lash Stylist.

What You'll Learn

By the completion of this course, you'll have learnt the expert classic lash application techniques that Joy has spent the past decade perfecting. In addition, you will also learn the essential theory and business strategies needed to become not just a highly skilled Lash Stylist, but also one who is knowledgeable and confident in their craft.

Introduction - Joy's Golden Rules + Fundamental Knowledge

  • Joy's journey
  • The history of eyelash extensions
  • OHS - rules & polices
  • The theme of success
  • Which type of student will you be?
  • Career pathways
  • Setting up your lash room
  • What's in your lash kit?
  • How to use your Lifetime 20% Discount at LashJoy

Module 1 - Mastering the Fundamental Techniques

  • Joy's Golden Rules
  • Lash growth cycle explained
  • Eye conditions, allergies and contraindications
  • Stylist and workplace hygiene
  • How to correctly hold your tweezers
  • Adhesive control techniques
  • Using anchor points for accuracy
  • How to isolate PROPERLY and efficiently!
  • Multiple application techniques
  • What NOT to do when applying eyelash extensions!

Module 2 - Eyelash Styling + Lash Mapping + Photography

  • How to design a lash map and apply a variety of Lash Styles
  • How to choose the right lash style for every client
  • Lash fibres and curls explained
  • When to use different lash curls, lengths & thicknesses
  • Managing common client demands
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Lash photography

Module 3 - Building Healthy Client Relationships

  • How to conduct a successful client consultation 
  • Mitigating product and service risks
  • Client release forms
  • The importance of aftercare and client education
  • Tough scenarios and conflict resolution strategies
  • Strategies for re-booking your clients 

Module 4 - The A - Z of Maximising Lash Retention

  • Everything you need to know about lash adhesive
  • Common mistakes Stylists make that cause poor retention
  • Joy's retention secrets
  • How to troubleshoot retention issues like a pro

Module 5 - Pricing + Social Media Marketing + Advertising

  • Defining your ideal client
  • How to correctly price your services
  • The importance of social media for your business
  • How to create Facebook ads that work
  • How to use Instagram to build your brand
  • What features to look for in an Online booking system
  • Our favourite mobile apps and links to resources 

BONUS MODULE - Advanced Application & Styling Techniques

  • How to conduct efficient Lash Refills
  • How to check for and peel apart stickies
  • How to conduct a Lash Removal (manually and using remover cream)
  • Speed lashing techniques (watch Joy apply over 50 individual extensions in 5 minutes!)
  • How to apply 2D lashes (introduction to volume lashing)
  • The art of stacking and capping lashes
  • How to apply classic lower lashes
  • Learn the "Kim K" effect textured lash styling

What You'll Receive

Comprehensive LashJoy Starter Kit

Included in your course enrolment is a comprehensive LashJoy Lash Kit (valued at $700+) with enough product for over 100 applications.

of Completion

Upon meeting the course requirements you will be issued with a “Certificate of Completion” by Joy Crossingham of LashJoy Academy.

Lifetime 20% Discount at LashJoy Store

You'll receive a Lifetime 20% Discount off your supplies purchased at LashJoy. This benefit alone could save you thousands on your lash supplies each year. 

Ready to Start Your Lash Career?

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you better understand our new Classic Lash Mastery Online Course we've taken some of our FAQ's and listed them below along with their answers.

We run one Classic Lash Mastery Online intake per month, contact us for the exact start date.

Enrolments will close 1 week prior to the course start date each month. This allows us to time to prepare and send lash kits, workbooks etc.

Approximately 14 weeks. Modules will be released weekly or fortnightly depending on their size, although you can take the course at your own pace. After the course you are also required to complete 20 full sets of lashes in order to meet the course objectives which we recommend completing asap to build speed and confidence.

10 hours per week on average is ideal. This accounts for course content, practice sessions, models, and assessments. Obviously, the more time a student commits to practice the faster they will build their skills and confidence.

We thought about this A LOT before even deciding to create Classic Lash Mastery Online because we needed to do our best to ensure that the students who enrolled were able to finish the course with the same level of skill as those who attend our in-person courses.

So to allow for this we've added what we call "Smart Assessments" at the end of each module which require you to submit short 2-3 minute videos demonstrating the techniques you've learnt in that module on a mannequin (or live model if approved). I.e tweezer grip, applying eyepads, isolating natural lashes, anchor points, application to the lash and so on.

We actually use this same video strategy when looking after many of our previous students if ever they are having difficulty and have found it works much better than sending 50 emails back and forth trying to figure out what a potential issue is. 9/10 times once a 2 minute video is sent in we can quickly see the issue and advise what adjustments need to be made.

Combined with the video submissions there will be photo submissions as well as general theory quizzes to ensure not only your application skills are safe and correct, but also that you have a sound understanding of the reason behind why we do things the way we do.

As well as the module submissions you'll also have unlimited access to email support from myself and my team both during and after the course and lifetime access to the LashJoy Academy Private Facebook group.

To encourage high completion rates (which is why you take a course - to complete it!) you will have unlimited access to the course material for 12 months. However, if you need an extension due to special circumstances we will do our best to accommodate. Your workbook and lash kit remain yours forever.

All core lash training is facilitated by Joy Crossingham, some guest educators will be covering additional topics such as marketing and social media.

Yes, providing all requirements are met, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to you from LashJoy Academy.

Your Lash Kit will include all necessary tools and products for application throughout your course and enough lashes for over 100 full sets, however you will need to repurchase disposables such as eyepads, adhesive and others periodically. You will also need to source a suitable massage table, adjustable height chair and beauty light.

As the lash industry is not regulated in Australia there is no requirement to be "nationally accredited" in order for someone to apply eyelash extensions, so yes you will be qualified and able to work as a Lash Stylist.

The certificate you receive upon successfully completing this course will allow you to source the appropriate insurances needed and we're happy to assist with this process through our contacts.

For international students, as different states have different regulations relating to the eyelash extension industry it's your responsibility to check with your respective Council, State Board of Cosmetology or other health regulations and guidelines to ensure you meet your local industry compliance standards.

Please request pricing and payment plan information via any of the "request pricing" buttons on this page and we will email within an hour.

Yes, we offer flexible interest free payment plans that can be set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The course is priced in USD because Classic Lash Mastery Online is available worldwide and the USD is the most easily traded and recognised currency in the world.

You'll receive a $700 Lash Kit, an in depth training manual and a lifetime 20% discount off your future supplies purchased at LashJoy.

Complete beginners with zero lashing experience or new Lash Stylists who aren't feeling confident with their classic lash application.

Expert Lash Stylists who are confident in their classic lash application, styling and retention. Anyone who is not sure if becoming a professional Lash Stylist is what they want to do.

During and after the course you will have unlimited access to email support from myself and my dedicated LashJoy Academy team.
We also have a private Facebook group for students only where we will post exclusive tips, videos and additional content to support your journey.
Above and beyond this you will also have access to attend our 1 Day Refresher Courses held each month in Brisbane.
If you have any questions that we haven't covered above feel free to email our team.

Classic Lashes Produced By LJA Students

Some of the beautiful classic lashes created by our beginner students.

Some Words From Our Students...

Since we first began educating we've been committed to the success of our students which has resulted in hundreds of AMAZING reviews from our students!

"I have completed 5 days classic eyelashes course which exceeded my expectations. The material of the course and the practice sessions are all what you need to start a successful business and become a professional stylist. All my questions prior to the course have been answered and I have been exposed to new important subjects. The 20 models photos requirement after the course is a brilliant idea to help you practice the recipe and advertise your self. I was amazed of how my skills are improving after the first 5, then 10, then 20 cases! It is really satisfying amazing feeling and the reaction of the clients is always cheerful. The support of the online shopping store is strong too. I have liked the whole business of lashJoy and brisbane lashes. It is very reliable, professional, perfect quality and high standards. Joy and Jeremy as well as all the staff are friendly and helpful. I wish I can take more courses with them in the future."

Reem Alothman
Lash Stylist , Saudi Arabia

"Joy is very professional and knowledgeable in her craft. Her rigorous and exacting approach towards training and her dedication to the finer details of the craft was very enlightening and continues to inspire my work. The overall training was well paced and the practice on live models as well as constant feedback were invaluable. Kudos to Joy for an excellent training programme which I’ll highly recommend to both novice and experienced professionals."

Fiona Koh
Lash Stylist, Singapore

"Dear Joy, I'm back in Sydney ! I don't know where to start as I'm not good with expressing myself verbally but I'll try ! First of all, THANK YOU so so so so so much for training me in the last couple of days. I am so fortunate to have been trained by you. It was not only a training you provided me but also life enlightenment ! ( I'm not even exaggerating lol) I've never been so clear of my dreams and goals than I do now. I know what I want to strive for and where I want to go in life with my career. I will be an eagle and do you proud ! I'm so happy and proud to be your student ! You're so amazing at what you do and how you changed my life ! I had a client today and she told me, I looked different, different in a positive way and I told her "I am different ! The new and improved Anita ". You made me understand my worth and self love ! And that I owe to you ! I rarely make the right decisions in life but I sure as hell made the right one by choosing you to teach me ! Anita x"

Anita Lam
Lash Stylist, Sydney

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