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Comprehensive In-Person & Online Lash & Brow Mastery Courses

Beginner Lash Courses

Suitable for those with zero lash or beauty experience, or anyone who has attended a "crash course" in lashes and is lacking the confidence, fundamental skills and knowledge required to be a successful Lash Stylist.

7 in 1 Lash & Brow Mentorship Course Bundle

4 in 1 Lash Mentorship Course Bundle

4 Day Beginners Classic Lash Mastery

5 Day Beginners Classic Lash Mastery

Classic Lash Mastery Online

1 Day Only Lash Lifts Masterclass

Advanced Lash Courses

Suitable for Lash Stylists with at least 3 months of classic lash experience who are confident in their fundamental techniques and are looking to take their lash skills and business to the next level.

2 Day Volume Lash Mastery

3 Day Volume & Hybrid Lash Mastery

Brow Artistry Courses

Suitable for anyone wanting to specialise in brows, Lash Stylists looking to upskill, and Beauty Therapists wanting to fine-tune their skills to work in the lash and brow niche industry.

4 Day Ultimate Brow Mastery

Refresher Courses

Available to existing Lash Artists looking to further perfect their lash application techniques and update their knowledge.

1 Day Classic Lash Mastery

1 Day Volume Lash Mastery

Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE 

Lash Retention 101 Online

Our Students Are Our Brand

We've received literally 100's of amazing reviews from our students, here are just a few...

About Joy Crossingham

LashJoy CEO + Lead Educator

Hi, I'm Joy Crossingham!

My lashing career began back in 2008 as a solo stylist operating from home combined with mobile services that saw me driving all over the city of Brisbane charging $50 for full sets and $35 for refills.

Thankfully, it didn't take me long to realise my worth and charge accordingly for my ability which allowed me to attract the right clients that would enable me to grow my business.

After many years of hard work, I'm proud to be able to say that "me" has become "we" and I now lead a team of over 15 highly skilled "lashies" across multiple lash businesses who share the same passion for this amazing industry.

Over the years I've won numerous local and international awards for my lash work, spoken at countless conferences, my Academy was crowned the 2019 ABIA "Educator of the Year" and my LashJoy business was also officially recognised as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in all of Australia, to name just a few achievements.

That being said, my greatest satisfaction comes from helping others become highly skilled lash professionals by building a successful lash business that gives them both financial independence and also fulfilment.

If we all have a superpower, I'd say mine is the ability to get amazing results out of others which has led me to facilitate more than 300 training workshops across the globe, teaching over 2,000 students and creating more award-winning Lash Stylists than any other educator in Australia.

Now, it's your turn.

Why Choose a Course by LashJoy Academy?

Here's What Makes Our Academy So Unique

Our classes are "student focused" with typically just 3 - 6 attendee's as we feel this gives the right balance of interaction and one on one attention which leads to better results produced by our students.
Our trainer’s are not just great lash stylists that dabble in training on the side. Having facilitated over 250 training events across the globe teaching 1,500+ students my expertise is teaching. I also have assistance from up to 5 expert staff per class to ensure smooth running.
There is no denying that our students are our brand and the amazing reviews, comments and referrals that we receive daily from our students pushes us to keep delivering on our promise and exceed expectations.
Many of the techniques I teach were created by me and are never shared publicly, only ever in my classes. Yes I share a lot of techniques on YouTube etc but my "secrets" are only for my paying students.
Whilst I have won my fair share of industry & business awards, what's more satisfying to me is that my academy is responsible for producing more award-winning stylists than any other training facility in Australia.
In addition to the comprehensive Lash Kit, all of our student's also receive a Lifetime 20% Discount off their lash supplies purchased at LashJoy.
After 3+ years of development we are now super close to releasing the world's first joyful online scheduling system designed by Lash Stylists, for Lash Stylists.
Not only is help always given whenever it is asked for as any of my students will tell you, but I also have a number of full-time staff who provide training and product support to ensure every student has the tools to be successful.
Our growing Facebook group exclusive to our students is a refreshing online community where we share ideas, ask questions and empower one another in our lash journey's.
To help keep our students on the right track we run monthly 1 Day Refresher Courses that are customised to each student's individual needs.
Brand new is our online directory designed to help our certified students from all over the world get more clients by connecting with potential lash clients.
Included with every course (valued at $700+)
Students receive a 100+ page in depth training workbook
We can provide training practice models for our interstate or local students if needed.
Students earn "Lash Cash" for referring new students to LashJoy Academy via our exclusive affiliate program.
Students have the opportunity to become LashJoy Brand Ambassadors with exclusive benefits.
Both within our salon and industry wide (our students are always highly sought-after).
Students will have access to all future benefits we release over time!

Our Students Are On Another Level

Stunning classic & volume lashes produced by LashJoy Academy students. View more via our Instagram or search #lashjoyartist

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