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Since 2014, LashJoy Academy has facilitated more than 300 training events that have helped produce some of Australia's most talented, award-winning and successful Lash & Brow Artists. Are you ready to join them?



Suitable for complete beginners looking to start a career in eyelash extensions and brow artistry or previously trained artists looking to update and master their fundamentals.

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Our advanced lash and brow courses are best suited to qualified artists who are confident in their fundamentals and have at least 3+ months of experience in classic lash application.

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Suitable for qualified Lash Artists looking to refresh their eyelash extension techniques and knowledge, or artists who may be re-entering the industry after extended time off.

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Can't make it to an in-person lash or brow course at LashJoy Academy Brisbane? Our online courses are the perfect solution. Ultra in-depth and self-paced to suit your schedule.

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Meet LashJoy's Lead Educator - Joy Crossingham

Hey there, I'm Joy Crossingham, founder of LashJoy!

My lash career began in 2008 as a solo stylist offering mobile services in Brisbane. Fast forward to today, and "me" has become "we," with a team of over 15 incredible humans working across multiple lash businesses who share the same passion for this amazing industry.

Over the years, I've won numerous local and international awards for my lash work and spoken at countless conferences. My Academy was crowned the winner of ABIA "Educator of the Year" award, and my LashJoy business was officially recognised as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in all of Australia.

But for me, the greatest satisfaction comes from helping others become highly skilled lash professionals and building successful businesses that give them financial independence and fulfilment.

If we all have a superpower, I'd say mine is the ability to get amazing results out of others. This has led me to facilitate more than 300 training workshops across the globe, teaching over 2,500 students and creating some of the most exceptionally talented and successful Lash Stylists operating in Australia today.

So, whether you're a seasoned lash professional looking to level up, or a beginner looking to start your own lash & brow business, let's work together to achieve your goals!

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Want a Sneak Peek BTS at Our Brisbane Lash & Brow Courses?

Discover the courses that have crafted the most successful artists in the industry.

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7 in 1 | Ultimate Lash & Brow Artist Course Bundle

Aka, The "Teach Me Everything About Lashes & Brows" Course Bundle. A mentorship-style program to enable you to achieve maximum results in minimum time and master the A-Z of what it takes to become a highly-skilled Lash & Brow Artist. Over 16 (non-consecutive) days, our award-winning educators will teach you what they've spent the past 16+ years perfecting.

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4 in 1 | Ultimate Lash Artist Course Bundle

Are you ready to start your own business and become an independent Lash Boss? Embark on a transformative 12-day (non-consecutive) journey with our comprehensive lash mentorship programme, designed to develop you into a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and confident Lash Artist.

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5 Day Ultimate Lash Artist Course | Classic & Volume

Welcome to our foundation course: 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery. Regarded by many as the most comprehensive beginner lash course on the market. Under the expert guidance of LashJoy educator Joy Crossingham, you'll master the art of classic lash application and gain the essential skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive from day 1.

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4 Day Brow Styling Course

Get ready to take your expertise to new heights with LashJoy Academy's 4-Day Ultimate Brow Mastery Course, Australia's most in-depth brow styling course. Whether you're an industry pro or a fresh starter, Ultimate Brow Mastery delivers everything you need to transform into a confident, proficient and in-demand Brow Stylist.

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3 Day Volume & Hybrid Lash Course

This intensive training delivers up-to-the-minute knowledge and techniques to craft beautiful, personalised handmade Volume and Hybrid lash sets for your clients. Immerse yourself in three intensive days, learning directly from globally recognised Lash Artist, Joy Crossingham, mastering her distinctive techniques that have helped redefine lash industry standards.

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2 Day Lash Lift & Tint Masterclass

This extensive two-day course provides all the knowledge you need to deliver impeccable lash lifts and tints for your clients. Throughout the masterclass, you'll delve into crucial theory, observe live demonstrations, and hone your skills on five live models under Joy's watchful eye. Our aim? To ensure you depart with the skills and know-how to create jaw-dropping lash lifts!

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Lash Retention 101 Online Course

Lash Retention 101 is a comprehensive guide to mastering lash retention. Spanning seven modules and 45 tutorials, this course takes you through every aspect of lash retention. Leveraging Joy's 15+ years of industry experience, the course reveals what genuinely works, what doesn't, and how to handle challenges professionally, ensuring you're always prepared, regardless of the situation.

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Beginner Lash Artist Online Course

Our Classic Lash Mastery Online Course is meticulously crafted, reflecting our award-winning 5-day Beginners Classic Lash Mastery Course - regarded by many as Australia's most comprehensive beginner's eyelash extension course. This online journey comprises nearly 100 HD video tutorials with interactive module assessments to set you on the fast track to becoming a top-tier Lash Stylist.

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What can you expect from a LashJoy class?

Our lash & brow courses embody a 'pracademic' approach. By blending hands-on practice with essential theory, our educators are able to produce exceptionally skilled and confident artists in a matter of days.

No matter which LashJoy course you enrol in, you can count on three things:

Expert Techniques and Knowledge

We're passionate about sharing our award-winning expertise and secrets to flourishing in the lash and brow industry. Our award-winning educators will teach you the very techniques that have driven our success and that of our accomplished students. Together, we're creating lash and brow magic across Australia - and the world.

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Award-Winning Educators

At LashJoy Academy, our educators are more than just talented lash and brow artists. They are seasoned professionals with years of unrivalled experience at the highest level and experts in nurturing your talents and igniting potential - a commitment proven by their track record in creating countless world-class artists.

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Personalised Learning Environment

Our intimate, student-focused in-person classes are capped at 4 attendees to create the perfect balance of interactive classroom learning and dedicated one-to-one attention. This ensures every student leaves their course feeling confident in their new skills and knowledge and ready to succeed from the very beginning.

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