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We Create More Award-Winning Lash Stylists Than Any Other Lash Training Academy In Australia!

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A World-Class Training Facility Like No Other...

LashJoy Academy is a lash training academy like no other. Located in Ascot, Brisbane, LashJoy Academy is a 5 Level / 1500m2 mansion that has been thoughtfully re-designed to provide our students with the most incredible training experience possible.

About LashJoy Academy

Joy Crossingham

As the passionate owner of multiple thriving Lash businesses, Joy Crossingham has certainly earned her reputation as being not only one of the industry’s leading Lash Stylists, but also a highly respected Lash Educator and Entrepreneur.

Starting out as a solo mobile Lash Stylist, Joy now leads a highly-skilled team of 10+ staff who share her passion for the industry and commitment to continually strive to set new benchmarks.

Having contributed to the industry for over a decade now, Joy is a highly-sought keynote speaker, master stylist, competition judge and educator who finds great pride in assisting others to achieve their full capabilities as professional Lash Stylists.

The rising success of her career has allowed Joy to facilitate over 200 training workshops, educating more than 1000 students and creating countless award-winning Lash Artists along the way.

Why Choose a Course by LashJoy Academy?

Here's What Makes Our Training Unique...


+ LashJoy Academy Doesn't Run Huge Classes. Our classes are "student focused" and capped at 8 attendee's without exception as we feel this gives the right balance of interaction and one on one attention which leads to better results produced by our students.

+ Highly Experienced Educators. Our trainer’s are not just great lash stylists that dabble in training on the side. Having facilitated over 200 training events across the globe teaching 1,000+ students my expertise is teaching. I also have assistance from up to 5 expert staff per class to ensure smooth running.

+ Our Student Feedback. There is no denying that our students are our brand and the amazing reviewscomments and referrals that we receive daily from our students pushes us to keep delivering on our promise and exceed expectations.

+ Learn Techniques & Tips That Aren’t Widely Known. Many of the techniques I teach were created by me and are never shared publicly, only ever in my classes.Yes I share a lot of techniques on YouTube etc but my "secrets" are only for my paying students.

+ We Create Award-Winning Lash Artists. Whilst I have won my fair share of industry & business awards, what's more satisfying to me is that my academy is responsible for producing more award-winning stylists than any other training facility in Australia.

+ Ongoing Value & Savings. In addition to the comprehensive Lash Kit, all of our student’s also receive a Lifetime 20% Discount off their lash supplies purchased at LashJoy.

+ Exclusive Pricing On Upcoming BookJoyAfter 18 months of development we are now super close to releasing the world's first joyful online scheduling system designed by Lash Stylists, for Lash Stylists.

+ World-Class Training Venue. LashJoy HQ is undoubtedly one of the most stunning Training Academy's in the world. 1500 m2 of luxury spread over 5 levels with breathtaking views and state of the art facilities to create the ultimate learning experience.

+ A Mentor For Life. Not only is help always given whenever it is asked for as any of my students will tell you, but I also have a number of full-time staff who provide training and product support to ensure every student has the tools to be successful.

+ Community. Our growing Facebook group exclusive to our students is a refreshing online community where we share ideas, ask questions and empower one another in our lash journey's.

+ Access to Refresher Courses. To help keep our students on the right track we run monthly 1 Day Refresher Courses that are customised to each student's individual needs.

+ Find a LashJoy Artist Directory. Brand new is our online directory designed to help our certified students from all over the world get more clients by connecting with potential lash clients.

+ Comprehensive Lash Kit included with every course (valued at $600+)

+ Comprehensive Workbook. Students receive a 100+ page in depth training workbook

+ Models Provided. We can provide training practice models for our students if needed

+ Referral Credit. Students earn $200 LashJoy Credit for every person who mentions their name when enrolling in a LJA course

+ Brand Ambassadors. Students have the opportunity to become LashJoy Brand Ambassadors with exclusive benefits

+ Opportunity for Employment both with our salon and industry wide (our student's are always highly sought-after)

+ All Future Benefits! Students will have access to all future benefits we release over time!

Our Students Are Our Brand...

Stunning classic & volume lashes produced by LashJoy Academy students

What People Are Saying...

Feedback from LashJoy Academy Students


"I have recently completed my volume lash course with Joy. The course was very informative and definitely went above and beyond exceeding my expectations. I learnt so much and can already see a huge difference in my own work! Thankyou Joy for all of your help and guidance."

Brisbane, Queensland - December 7, 2016

"Thank you Joy for sharing your amazing skills throughout the 5 day classic mastery course I completed with you in August. You are a fountain of knowledge and provided very comprehensive lash training which has allowed me to leave feeling very confident. You have helped me change direction with my career I am truly grateful. All the best."

Angie Hyde
Bundaberg, Queensland - September 11, 2016

"Fantastic lash course, the therapists trained here are always exceptional and I would hire them over any other lash training school. Always feel like I have found gold when a student trained by Joy applies for a job at either of our Gold Coast Salons. Any therapists trained here who need a job? Come and see me, I love their therapists."

Janelle Mitchell
Gold Coast, Australia - September 28, 2016

"I cannot recommend LashJoy Academy enough. I've just completed my Russian Volume Lash training with Joy, not only is she the most beautiful, soft, placid person I have ever met (just like her videos), she is so knowledgeable about everything Lash Extension related. After completing other lash training courses I've realized nothing compares to this type of training with Joy. She covers absolutely everything you need to know and shows you the easiest ways to make Volume fans (let's face it, it's not as easy as it looks). She also will go into depth with marketing your business in all the right ways to create more cliental. I've also received a beautiful Russian Volume kit from her LashJoy store which I'm already obsessed with. I honestly cannot thank Joy enough for the past few days. I will be eternally grateful for everything she has taught me & cant wait to start offering the Russian Volume to all my clients. Don't think twice if you are wanting to do this you won't regret it!"

Chloe Victoria Smith
Mackay, Queensland - December 18, 2016

"I just finished the 5 day Classic Lash Mastery with Joy... and I would like to say! She is the most gentle and beautiful person inside and out. The course was well planned out and Joy took the time to explain to us about everything that you would need to know about lashes... girls you are missing out!! Thank you so much Joy, I cannot wait to explore the big lash world!!!"

Sholane Hang
Brisbane, Queensland - December 15, 2016

"I recently completed the 5 Day Classic Training course with Joy. What can I say?! This woman is an absolute guru, you can see why she's won so many international awards. Not only does she provide world class training, but the on going support and guidance is second to none. If you're looking at doing Eyelash Extension Training, don't look any further, make the investment and do the 5 days. I didn't have a beauty background and was able to set myself up in a home studio once I completed my training. I'm busy, I'm getting referrals from clients and loads of compliments from people regarding my work. I'm really proud to say I completed my training here and looking forward to doing Volume Lash Training with Joy in the future. Thank you Joy and Jeremy."

Keilah Sauni
Brisbane, Queensland - November 29, 2016

"Best teacher ever!!! thanks Joy for everything, I'm thousand more confident now in doing lashes, see you in a couple of months for my volume lash training."

Johanna Montero
Brisbane, Queensland - October 28, 2015

"Thank you Joy for the Volume Lash Mastery course. I am so much more knowledgeable about lashes and love lashing even more! My models have been receiving so many compliments and it's all thanks to your guidance that I can now create beautiful blended lashes. #eagle"

Trish Pham
Perth, Australia - November 13, 2016

"More than Russian Volume training. We covered marketing and business too which has benefited my home business and my confidence 110%! The best investment you'll ever make in the lash industry."

Leonie Mosdell
Sydney, Australia - November 2, 2016

"I was pretty nervous to be a model for a student, also due to the fact I never have had eye lashes put on before.. but gosh I am so glad I went along and participated! I am over the moon with the result and they are so natural. My whole experience was great! Thanks again guys :)"

Brisbane, Queensland - October 23, 2016


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