Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE

Exclusively available to past LashJoy Academy beginner students

Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE

Exclusive to Past LJA Beginner Students


About this Course

Course Content

Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE consists of 67 expert video tutorials covering all aspects that are taught in 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery.

Who Is CLM Online LITE For?

I have created this course specifically for my past Classic Lash Mastery students who would like to have access to a video library of all the techniques and lessons they learnt in class with me.

As you know there is so much to take in over the 4-5 days and it would be near impossible for anyone to retain everything that is covered.

It will be particularly useful for those who may have gone off track somewhat, have taken a break from lashing and are now getting back into it, or just those who want to make sure they're doing everything correct and haven't picked up any bad habits since attending.

Who Is CLM Online LITE NOT For?

Anyone who has not previously attended one of our in-person Classic Lash Mastery Courses.

Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE

It's Good to Be a LJA Student!

What separates LashJoy Academy from all other training organisations?

  • Comprehensive in-person and online training that continually creates exceptionally talented and successful Lash Stylists.
  • Unlimited ongoing support and mentoring from Joy and her dedicated LJA team.
  • Lifetime 20% Discount off supplies purchased at LashJoy.
  • [Coming Soon!] Discounted access to BookJoy, the first online scheduling system designed specifically for Lash Stylists.
  • Expert YouTube lash tutorials and #60secondlashtutorials via our Instagram.
  • Access to monthly 1 Day Refresher Classes.
  • [Coming Soon!] Ambassador opportunities with exclusive student benefits.
  • Earn 10% commission for every new course enrolment generated by you.
  • More exclusive LJA benefits TBA soon!

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