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Joy Crossingham

Hi, I'm Joy Crossingham!

My lashing career began back in 2008 as a solo stylist operating from home combined with mobile services that saw me driving all over the city of Brisbane charging $50 for full sets and $35 for refills.

Thankfully, it didn't take me long to realise my worth and charge accordingly for my ability which allowed me to attract the right clients that would enable me to grow my business.

After many years of hard work, I'm proud to be able to say that "me" has become "we" and I now lead a team of over 15 highly skilled "lashies" across multiple lash businesses who share my same passion for this amazing industry.

Over the years I've won numerous local and international awards for my lash work, spoken at countless conferences, my Academy was crowned the 2019 ABIA "Educator of the Year" and my little lash business was also officially recognised as one of the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in all of Australia, to name just a few achievements.

That being said, my greatest satisfaction comes from helping others become highly skilled lash professionals by building a successful lash business that gives them both financial independence and also fulfilment.

If we all have a superpower, I'd say mine is the ability to get amazing results out of others in a short amount of time which has led me to facilitate more than 300 training workshops across the globe, teaching over 2,000 students and creating more award-winning Lash Stylists than any other educator in Australia.

Now, it's your turn.


Developed in 2015, the LashJoy Professional Beauty Group is a provider of the highest quality lash products, educational courses and business solutions to more than 15,000 lash professionals worldwide and growing.

Our Mission Statement

With a passion for artistry and technical expertise, we are a beauty solutions innovator. Our breadth of offer from products to services to education and support is unique in the industry and sets new standards in lash mastery. As industry professionals, we proudly enable our students, customers and clients to grow, create success and achieve their goals.

Above all else, we empower confidence.

Our Company Values

Inspiring | We see the potential. We enable independence and confidence, championing success through education and support.

Dynamic | We are energetic and proactive. Our "win at life" attitude fuels our passion to make it happen for ourselves, our customers, stylist and students.

Professionals | We will set new standards. We are the masters who train the professionals, always seeking to innovate and improve industry services.

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2019 Australian Beauty Industry Awards

“Best Business Performance” - LashJoy

“Educator of the Year” - LashJoy Academy

WOW! What an amazing night at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards! Watch my ABIA story highlights for a sneak peek at the action!

So, after entering our first ABIA’s we were lucky enough to get the email saying that @lashjoy_ had been selected as a finalist in a total of 3 categories! Yayyy! 

But if I’m completely honest, I didn’t really think we had much of a chance of winning after seeing who we were up against! Some seriously successful and inspiring businesses to say the least!

It was only the week prior that we finally booked our flights and tickets to the Awards Gala, still thinking we probably won’t win anything but it would be a “good experience” to go anyway.

Well, to my complete surprise... LashJoy was announced the WINNER in not one, but TWO of the 3 categories we were nominated in! O M G !

“Best Business Performance of the Year” - LashJoy

“Educator of the Year Organisation” - LashJoy Academy 

To me, winning these two big awards is the ultimate recognition for how hard my team and I work, and our ability to stay focused on what matters most in business.. our amazing customers and students!

The scary thing is, we know we’re just getting started! We still have sooooo much room for growth and so many new ideas for how we can take things to the next level for our industry.

I also want to acknowledge and congratulate ALL of the category winners and finalists! There were SO many hard working, talented beauty professionals in attendance, so many uplifting stories shared, and I honestly left feeling inspired and empowered!

Thank you to #mochapublishing for the opportunity and for putting on the best run awards gala I’ve ever been to.

Lastly, a massive thank you to all of our customers, students, followers, fans, YouTube subscribers and everyone who supports @lashjoy_ ! This is truly a super proud moment for us and it’s all been made possible by YOU! Thank you!

View the full list of ABIA Winners 

2019 Winner NALA "Video Media" Award

LashJoy Academy YouTube

 LashJoy Academy was crowned the winner of the 2019 NALA “Video Media Award” for our commitment to lash education via our YouTube Channel at the recent International NALA Industry Awards held in Canada!

This award really means a lot to the entire LashJoy Team as we’ve always worked hard to create high quality, valuable lash tutorials to help stylists around the world so to receive global recognition for our contribution is a great honour.

Congratulations to all of the other category winners and finalists and a special shout out to the many LashJoy trained students who were among the winners and finalists too! It actually feels like a “double win” seeing so many of you recognised for your talents and we’re super proud & inspired by all of you!

2018 AFR Fast Starters Top 100 List


From our humble beginnings in 2015 where we would process just a handful of orders a week, LashJoy has since become the preferred supplier for thousands of Lash Professionals from all over the world.

It gave us great Joy (pun intended) when LashJoy was officially recognised as one of Australia's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies for 2018 by the Australian Financial Review!

Despite being the smallest business to make the list in terms of number of staff, we managed to rank 75th overall and were the only lash business to make the list!

We can't begin to tell you what an honour it is to receive this level of recognition for all of the blood sweat and tears that goes into running a small business.

We want to say a HUGE thank you for supporting LashJoy, whether it be as a customer, Instagram follower, YouTube subscriber, LashJoy Academy student... 

It all counts and we appreciate all of the lash love!

We hope our achievement inspires you and shows you what's possible with a healthy dose of passion for what you do, focus and hard work!


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