5 Day Classic Lash Mastery

Everything you need to know to become a knowledgeable, highly-skilled and confident Lash Stylist.

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Become a Certified Lash Stylist

So you'd like to become a Lash Stylist? Awesome. Becoming a Lash Stylist is an incredibly rewarding career for those with a passion for making others feel great about themselves and who want the lifestyle flexibility that comes with being your own boss. But the process for getting started can seem a little daunting. What equipment do you need? How long does it take to learn? And once you start, how do you build a business and make sure people know you exist? We can help you cut through the confusion, to not only learn how to become a certified Lash Stylist, but also how to build a highly successful Lash Business, too.

About this Course

Often referred to as “the most comprehensive beginners eyelash extension course in Australia”, 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery encompasses the safe and professional application of eyelash extensions to the highest standards, along with the key business strategies Joy has used to build one of the most successful Lash Businesses in the country.

The course is highly “pracademic” with 5 live supervised model practices supported by in-depth theory sessions, business and marketing, and much more to ensure that every student leaves equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to be successful from day one.

Once you have completed your 5 Day training, your 20 model work experience mentorship then begins whereby you'll submit photographic evidence of 20 full sets (or refills) completed by you which are then reviewed by our assessment team before providing you with detailed and constructive feedback to help you further improve.

Lashing when you're brand new is all about building momentum through regular practice, implementing feedback from your mentor, and establishing good habits and that will set you up for success.

After all of this has taken place you then have the option to come back for a Bonus 2 hour one on one training session with Joy, usually within the first 3 to 6 months to recap and fine tune your skills. The improvement seen after this session is nothing short of amazing!

We like to call this our “business in a box” course because essentially this course is our blueprint to becoming not just a highly-skilled Lash Stylist, but also how to run a successful lash business.

If you are a beginner with zero experience, or have previously attended a 1 day "crash course" somewhere else and left disappointed and lacking the confidence to be a Lash Stylist, this is the course you need to attend.

Upon meeting the course requirements you'll receive a “Certificate of Achievement" certifying you as an Eyelash Extension Technician by Joy Crossingham of LashJoy Academy.

What You'll Learn:

Day 1 – Orientation + Joy's Golden Rules + Fundamental Techniques

Start: 9:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • History of Eyelash Extensions
  • OH&S, administration, insurances, career pathways
  • Your lifetime 20% discount at LashJoy
  • Applying safe and hygienic work practices
  • Joy’s Golden Rules for being a Lash Professional
  • Eyelash extension release form and consultation
  • Understanding the lash growth cycle
  • Tweezer grip, posture, and anchor points
  • How to isolate lashes correctly and efficiently
  • How to safely apply eyepads
  • How to prime and prepare the natural lashes
  • How to apply an extension to a lash
  • How to manually peel apart lash “stickies”

*Practice above techniques on mannequin

Day 2 – Eyelash Extension Styling + Identify Allergies & Sensitivities 

Start: 9:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • Assess client face and eyes
  • Working with different eye shapes
  • Understanding different extension fibres, curls, and diameters
  • How to map designs and apply different eye styles
  • Identify common allergies, sensitivities, and eye conditions
  • Trouble shooting difficult client situations
  • How to deal with client complaints (and how not to)
  • How to check for and remove lash stickies to ensure no damage
  • Live application demonstration by Joy
  • Lash Photography – creating Instagram worthy pictures

*Practice on mannequin and 1 x 3 hour live supervised model practice

Day 3 – The A-Z of Maximising Client Lash Retention 

Start: 9:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • Understanding how adhesives work and how to choose one that's right for you
  • Troubleshooting common issues with adhesive
  • The importance of client aftercare and it's role in lash retention
  • Other less common factors that affect lash retention
  • Most Important: How to accurately troubleshoot why lashes may not be lasting

*2 x 3 hour live supervised model practice sessions

Day 4 – Marketing, Social Media, and Business Strategies

Start: 9:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • Strategies for designing your lash menu 
  • How to correctly price your services
  • Best practices for running special offers
  • Why is marketing so important to your success?
  • Defining who your ideal client is (and isn’t)
  • Marketing on a shoestring budget
  • Unique strategies for keeping clients happy and coming back
  • How to create Facebook ads that generate new bookings
  • The Do’s & Don'ts of Social Media
  • How to know what content types to post for maximum results  
  • What’s currently working for Instagram (and what’s not)
  • Why you need and Online Booking System (and how to choose one)
  • Our favourite apps and productivity resources

*1 x 3 hour live supervised model practice session

Day 5 – Refills, Removals, and Introduction to Volume Lashing

Start: 9:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • What’s in your LashJoy Kit
  • How to conduct efficient refills [Live demonstration]
  • Speed lashing techniques
  • Stacking and capping techniques
  • How to apply classic lower lashes
  • How to correctly apply pre made volume fans 
  • How to apply 2D lash combinations 
  • How to conduct a lash removal using LashJoy remover cream

*1 x 3 hour live supervised model practice session

Total Course Duration

Model Practice Time = 15 hours approximately (5 models)

Theory Component = 30 hours approximately

Total = 45 hours over 5 days

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What You'll Receive

Comprehensive LashJoy Starter Kit

Included in your course enrolment is a comprehensive LashJoy Lash Kit (valued at $700+) with enough product for over 100 applications.

of Completion

Upon meeting the course requirements you will be issued with a “Certificate of Completion” by Joy Crossingham of LashJoy Academy.

Lifetime 20% Discount at LashJoy Store

You'll receive a Lifetime 20% Discount off your supplies purchased at LashJoy. This benefit alone could save you thousands on your lash supplies each year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you better understand our new 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery, we've taken some of our FAQ's and listed them below along with their answers.

All core lash training is facilitated by Joy Crossingham, some guest educators will be covering additional topics such as marketing and social media.

Yes, providing all requirements are met, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to you from LashJoy Academy.

During the course we will supply all products and tools needed to complete the course. Post training your Lash Kit will include all necessary tools and products for application throughout your course and enough lashes for over 100 full sets, however you will need to repurchase disposables such as eyepads, adhesive and others periodically. You will also need to source a suitable massage table, adjustable height chair and beauty light.

You'll receive a $700 Lash Kit, an in depth training manual and a lifetime 20% discount off your future supplies purchased at LashJoy.

Complete beginners with zero lashing experience or new Lash Stylists who aren't feeling confident with their classic lash application.

Expert Lash Stylists who are confident in their classic lash application, styling and retention. Anyone who is not sure if becoming a professional Lash Stylist is what they want to do.

During and after the course you will have unlimited access to email support Joy and her dedicated LashJoy Academy team.
You also have a bonus 2 hour 1-on-1 training session with Joy to use post training (This can be in person or via Skype for long distance students)

Also, as a LJA Student you also have the option to attend our 1 Day Refresher Courses which are held each month in Brisbane.

In Australia as the lash industry is not regulated there is no requirement to be "nationally accredited" in order for someone to apply eyelash extensions, so yes you will be qualified and able to work as a Lash Stylist.

The certificate you receive upon successfully completing this course will allow you to source the appropriate insurances needed and we're happy to assist with this process through our contacts.

For international students, as different states have different regulations relating to the eyelash extension industry it's your responsibility to check with your respective Council, State Board of Cosmetology or other health regulations and guidelines to ensure you meet your local industry compliance standards.

You can request pricing information via email by entering your contact details below.

Yes, we offer flexible interest free payment plans that can be set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
If you have a question we haven't covered above feel free to email our team.

Classic Lashes By Our Students

Stunning work produced by LashJoy Academy students during Classic Lash Mastery training | See more on Instagram via #lashjoyartist

Ready to Start Your Lash Career?

More Words From Our Students...

Our main goal has always been to help create the most highly skilled, confident and successful Lash Stylists in the industry.

"I've recently completed Joy's 5 Day Lash Mastery Course, in Brisbane. I cannot recommend the course highly enough for both beginners and Lash stylists who'd like to update their skills and education. Professionalism, small classes, individualised attention, support, feedback , loads of hands on experience and fantastic core business building skills all amount to feeling competent and confident to apply eyelash extensions to models from Day 2 of the course. DO IT! "

Zillah Blair
Lash Stylist, Brisbane

"I have completed 5 days classic eyelashes course which exceeded my expectations. The material of the course and the practice sessions are all what you need to start a successful business and become a professional stylist. All my questions prior to the course have been answered and I have been exposed to new important subjects. The 20 models photos requirement after the course is a brilliant idea to help you practice the recepie and advertise your self. I was amazed of how my skills are improving after the first 5, then 10, then 20 cases! It is really satisfying amazing feeling and the reaction of the clients is always cheerful. The support of the online shopping store is strong too. I have liked the whole business of lashJoy and brisbane lashes. It is very reliable, professional, perfect quality and high standards. Joy and Jeremy as well as all the staff are friendly and helpful. I wish I can take more courses with them in the future."

Reemy A Al-Othman

"I just finished the 5 day classic lash course in Brisbane and boy was it awesome!! I didn't want the course to end! It was so much fun and I learnt so much considering it's not like anything I've ever done before, no previous lash experience or beauty background etc. I was so scared at the start but with Joy as your trainer you soon start to see there is nothing to be scared of. Joy knows her stuff when it comes to lashes, she is also a great inspiration and motivator with all her great quotes and just her attitude to life itself. She makes you believe in yourself and that you really can do anything if you put your mind to it. Anyone wanting to learn lashing MUST do this course. Don't waste another minute thinking about it, just do it! You won't regret it. It is worth every penny! The whole team at Brisbane Lashes are wonderful, everyone makes you feel welcome and apart of their lash family. The whole team are beautiful and sweet. It really was just a wonderful experience that I will cherish forever. Can't wait to go back and do my volume training!! Great work Joy and the team you are all superstars in my books."

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