1 Day Classic Lash Mastery

Refresher course available exclusively to past LashJoy Academy students.

Our Students Are Our Brand

New to LashJoy Academy is our 1 Day Classic Lash Mastery Refresher Course, available exclusively to our past students who are looking to further perfect their skills. If you have previously attended one of our beginners training courses and would like to refresh your techniques and knowledge with customised training based on your individual needs, this course is for you.


About this Course


During 1 Day Classic Lash Mastery we will work on perfecting fundamentals as well as work with each student on areas specific to them.

Some of the areas will include Isolation, tweezer grip, taping techniques, styling and lash mapping, photography, adhesive and retention trouble shooting.


At this stage our Refresher Classes will only be available at LashJoy Academy in Brisbane, however, we've released 6 months worth of course dates to allow any interstate students plenty of time to arrange flights and accommodation.


Start: 10:00 AM / Finish 5:00 PM (approximately)

We will have model practice from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (models can be provided if needed at additional cost)


To attend either Refresher Class (classic or volume) is $495 each.


  • You must have already attended that course type and preferably received your certificate before booking a Refresher Course. (Example: You can only attend a Classic Refresher if you've already attended our 4 or 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery Course)
  • You must have already paid for your course in full prior to attending your Refresher Class.
  • Classic Lash Mastery Online Students can attend 1 Day Classic Lash Mastery Refresher.
  • You must bring your own tweezers with you to use on the day. (We will supply all other products needed)
  • 30+ days notice is required to reschedule a class if you cannot attend. (Limit of 1 reschedule)

1 Day Classic Lash Mastery Refresher

Exclusive to LJA Students Only

It's Good to Be a LJA Student!

What separates LashJoy Academy from all other training organisations?

  • Comprehensive in-person and online training that continually creates exceptionally talented and successful Lash Stylists.
  • Unlimited ongoing support and mentoring from Joy and her dedicated LJA team.
  • Lifetime 20% Discount off supplies purchased at LashJoy.
  • [Coming Soon!] Discounted access to BookJoy, the first online scheduling system designed specifically for Lash Stylists.
  • Expert YouTube lash tutorials and #60secondlashtutorials via our Instagram.
  • Access to monthly 1 Day Refresher Classes.
  • [Coming Soon!] Ambassador opportunities with exclusive student benefits.
  • LashJoy Affiliate Program - Earn 10% commission for every new course enrolment generated by you.
  • More exclusive LJA benefits TBA soon!

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