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Classic & Volume Lash Mastery Training

This entire page is dedicated to showcasing just some of the amazing work that gets produced in class by our Classic & Volume Lash Mastery students.

For our Classic Lash Mastery students, majority of them have never even held a pair of lash tweezers prior to attending the training so watching them grow in confidence and ability over their 3, 4 or 5 day training is probably the most rewarding part for us as educators to see.

But the progress is not just limited to the practical application. Our structured training is what we like to describe as “Pracademic”, a perfect blend of practical application supported by the essential theory which is why our students leave our classes confident and highly capable in all areas of being a professional Lash Stylist.

Our Volume Lash Mastery classes are equally rewarding as we are teaching experienced Lash Stylists not only how to produce world class Volume Lash Sets using our own unique methods, but also to ow they can improve so many other areas of their lash game to get to that “next level”.

In these 2 or 3 day events the amount of “light bulb” moments that happen for our students is truly incredible. Whether it be learning the keys to understanding lash retention, to how to “train” your clients so they respect you and your time, to topics such as advanced lash styling techniques and how to market yourself correctly to attract your ideal clients. We don’t hold back a thing in these classes!

Our goal with every event we run is to ensure our students always leave our training having learnt so much more than they anticipated they would. This is probably why we continue to receive amazing feedback from our students every single week.

It’s Time To Believe In Yourself!

It’s time to get involved! Remember, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!” 

Learn the Art of Eyelash Extension application at a realistic pace that will give you a solid foundation to build a successful and rewarding lash career.

If you have questions or want to learn more about our eyelash extension training courses, contact us directly via request training information form.



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