1 Day Refresher Course Schedule


LashJoy HQ 10 Morgan Street Ascot QLD 4007 

Accommodation Options

Please see the following two hotels which are well priced and only a 5 minute Uber / Taxi from our Academy.

Brisbane Riverview Hotel

Quest Breakfast Creek

There are also some good quality options available on Airbnb that are within close proximity of our Academy.

If you sign up for Airbnb with my link, you'll get $55 AUD off your first trip.

Just click the link or paste the address in your browser.

When you book a trip of $110 AUD or more, I'll get $25 AUD in travel credit, too.


Car Parking

There is LIMITED free car parking available on site. If you would like to park onsite please advise us asap as this is on a first come first served basis.

What To Bring

Please bring your own tweezers and glasses (if you wear them).

We will supply all lash products needed as well as beds, lights, stools etc.

Light afternoon tea and drinks will be provided but you're welcome to bring along your own food and drinks if you wish.

Start / Finish Times

Classic Refresher Courses will start at 9:00am and will finish at 2:00pm with model practice from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Volume Refresher Courses will start at 3:00pm and will finish at 8:00pm with model practice from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

Course Dates

1 Day Classic Lash Mastery Refresher

19 June (9am to 2pm) - Brisbane

6 July (9am to 2pm) - Brisbane

12 August (9am to 2pm) - Brisbane

10 September (9am to 2pm) - Brisbane

14 October (9am to 2pm) - Brisbane

5 November (9am to 2pm) - Brisbane

21 December (9am to 2pm) - Brisbane

1 Day Volume Lash Mastery Refresher

19 June (3pm to 8pm) - Brisbane

6 July (3pm to 8pm) - Brisbane

12 August (3pm to 8pm) - Brisbane

10 September (3pm to 8pm) - Brisbane

14 October (3pm to 8pm) - Brisbane

5 November (3pm to 8pm) - Brisbane

21 December (3pm to 8pm) - Brisbane


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