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For your convenience, our most common training attendees questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our contact page. We take our reputation very seriously and we only want the best for our students. If you have constructive feedback after taking one of our courses we welcome your input.

Q: Why are the beginners courses 3, 4 or 5 Days when there are other courses that are only 1 day?
A: It is not possible for someone to learn how to safely apply eyelash extensions in a 1 day training class as anyone who has attended a 1 day course will tell you. It is crucial to have a sound knowledge of  eye contraindications, how to perform lash refills and removals, adhesives, insurance and so much more besides simply learning how to apply eyelash extensions which is why our courses run for a minimum of 3 days to achieve this.

Q: How do the training course payment plans work?
A: We use a 3rd party provider called Moonclerk which is one of the world’s largest providers of secure online payment systems. After an initial enrolment deposit is paid via Moonclerk,  you are able to choose to repay your course balance via direct debit with no interest over a 16 week term for Volume Courses and up to a 25 week term for Classic Courses.

Q: Besides the training, what else is included in each course?
A: All students will receive a fully stocked Lash Kit to the value of $500 with products that you will use everyday.

Q:  Are there any discounts on eyelash extension supplies?
A: Yes, all LashJoy Academy students receive an ongoing 20% Discount off most items at LashJoy.

Q: What will I receive after completing a training course?
A: After successful completion of one our training courses students will receive a “Certificate of Completion” issued by Joy Crossingham.

Q: Why are the courses offered by LashJoy Academy more expensive than other courses available?
A: This comes down to other courses not offering the same quality of training as what LashJoy Academy offers. Our beginners courses are regarded as the most comprehensive in Australia, being up to 5 Days with 40+ hours of expert training compared to most beginners courses that are typically 1 or 2 days of basic training. Our training facilitator has close to a decade of experience and is able to teach things that majority of other lash stylists/trainers are not even aware of.

Our Volume Lash techniques have been created by us and are not taught anywhere else and are the same techniques that Joy and her Senior Stylist Katya used to place 2nd and 3rd at the 2015 International Lash Wars Competition held in Las Vegas.

Q: Who is the training facilitator for each of the training courses?
A: All training is facilitated by Internationally Awarded Master Lash Stylist, Joy Crossingham.

Q: Is the beginners training suitable for anyone to attend?
A: Yes and no. Whilst there are absolutely no prerequisites to attend in terms of having a background in beauty related industries as we have students enrol from all walks of life, it is essential that you only apply if you are serious about becoming a professional Lash Stylist and can dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to your business.

Q: What kind of ongoing support is there for students of LashJoy Academy?
A: As much as is needed. This is something that we really pride ourselves on and believe this is one of our key points of difference between other training organisations. We respond promptly to all communication and are always available to answer any and all questions for our students.

Q: Do you offer one on one training?
A: No, we find that students are often too nervous in a one on one learning environment and do not make as much progress as if they were in a small class with more interaction.

Q: How many students are in each training course?
A: All courses are capped at 6 students without exception.

Q: How much classic lash experience is required before attending a Volume Lash Mastery Training Course?
A: You should have at least 3 months of full time experience in applying classic 1 to 1 eyelash extensions. It is important that you’re confident in your isolating techniques and are able to apply a full set of classic lashes in under 1 hour 45 minutes with no two natural lashes stuck together or applied to the skin.

Q: Why is there no option for a 1 Day Volume Lash Course like other trainers provide?
A: Similar to why we don’t offer 1 Day training for beginners, Volume Lashing is significantly more difficult than classic lashing and very few students will confidently pick up the techniques as they put too much pressure on themselves to learn everything in the 1 day. We find that our students benefit tremendously from the second day or third and leave much more confident in their Volume Lashing techniques.

Q: Are the training courses offered by LashJoy Academy “Nationally Accredited”? 
A: No, the Eyelash Extension Industry is not government regulated so there is no requirement to be nationally accredited to become an Eyelash Extension Technician.

Q: Do attendees have the sole responsibility to know and be aware of their own state laws regarding the practice and application of eyelash extensions?
A: Yes, LashJoy Academy cannot be held responsible for failure to abide by or ignorance of your own state laws relating to eyelash extensions.


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